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Specifications typically determine trail tread width, tread pitch, trail profile and other technical aspects. This section has rolling dips formed into the grade just below the center of the photo and at the top of the photo. Windgate Pass Trail, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, City of Scottsdale, AZ.

Specifications also determine how structures such as this culvert and its stone headwall and tailwall are to be built. Arastradero Preserve, City of Palo Alto, CA.

Trail Specifications

Specifications provide "typicals" for common trail construction and maintenance situations as well as detailed design for unique trail structures. If our client provides specifications, we use those. Otherwise, we use USDA Forest Service specifications, customized variations of Forest Service specs, or our own experience (since 1985) to devise appropriate custom solutions.

Note that specifications can be very flexible. We're willing to use custom specifications and our own best judgment to produce trails that are well-constructed, sustainable, and enjoyable.

The following links show some standard USDA Forest Service trail specifications. Note that these may or may not be applicable to your trails.

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