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Mirror Lake Trail in Mt. Hood National Forest, OR

As with most government projects, we constructed this boardwalk on the Mirror Lake Trail, Mt. Hood National Forest, OR under a trail contract. Constructed 1989, photographed 2005. We used a helicopter to deliver the materials.

Contract Preparation Assistance

Trail contracts specify responsibilities, costs, conditions, project details, completion targets, inspections, change and more. Some of our clients—usually private landowners, non-profits and developers—do not require complex trail contracts in order to utilize our services.

Governments at all levels, however, usually require contracts for trail work. However, we've found that many of our clients who need trail-specific contracts have little or no experience in writing them.

We can help

If you need a contract and/or technical specifications for trails, we offer to assist you as needed in developing a contract that meets your requirements and ours. Very few trail contractors will do this.

We use USDA Forest Service trail contracts as the model and help adapt them to your situation. Contracts with private landowners and non-government entities can often be much simpler yet still achieve the same quality results.

We can provide trail specifications

Unlike architectural or engineering projects, trail projects do not automatically come with a set of detailed construction/maintenance specifications. We can use our library and experience to provide or help develop appropriate specifications required by most trail contracts For a sample, please see our Trail Specifications page.

Please contact us

If you would like assistance in preparing a contract, please contact us.

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