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Arastradero Preserve near City of Palo Alto, CA.

Arastradero Preserve, City of Palo Alto, CA. One year after construction.

Cedar Sinai Park in Portland, OR

Cedar Sinai Park, Portland, OR. Bench on outside of a switchback on a paved, accessible trail.


We want to help you and your project in any way we can. We and our clients have found that friendly, open and flexible collaboration almost always results in a more efficient, enjoyable, successful and often less expensive project. NWWS can optionally form collaborations in a number of ways:

With your staff

With our knowledge of trail design and construction, we can often help you improve your trail plans for sustainability, visitor experience, resource protection, efficient construction and/or reduced cost. Also see Trail Design and Design-Build. In addition, if you want to perform some project work in-house, we can accommodate and perhaps facilitate it.

With multiple entities

We gladly work on projects involving multiple agencies or entities.

With partners

We gladly work with third-party trail designers and other project partners as needed. For larger projects, we may even suggest partnerships as a way to optimize expertise and/or facilitate the process.

With volunteers

Build stewardship (sense of pride and ownership) and trail skills in your volunteers while they help build trails. We perform most of the "heavy lifting" while enabling volunteers to perform hand work that we would otherwise have to do. This arrangement gives volunteers stewardship in the project while potentially lowering construction costs. We can also help train volunteers to help maintain trails in the future.

For training

We can optionally help train your staff, volunteers and others in the art and science of trail design, construction and maintenance. This can be during the course of your project or performed as a additional task.

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