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Completed Projects


1. Open Space Preserves, Parks, Forests & Land Trusts

Lawrence S Rockefeller (estate), WY (LSR Preserve)

• LSR Preserve is 1,500 acres of pristine private property which Lawrence S. Rockefeller wished to make into a public Preserve. It's surrounded by the Grand Teton National Park. NWWS was hired to help design and construct over 8 miles of a hiker-only naturalistic trail system. Installation of 18 benches, 2 structured road crossings, rock step risers, accessible crushed-stone trail, and trailhead amenities.

Foothills Preserve, CA

• Designed and installed 10 trails bridges with handrails.

Cedar Sinai Park, OR

• Constructed an asphalt trail system through heavy Douglas fir forest to draft ADA standards. Users of this privately owned park are residents of a beautiful retirement center. Other structures included accessible handrail, park benches, an accessible pavilion, curved decorative rock wall, and wheelchair passing lanes.

The Nature Conservancy, OR

• Cascade Head Park: Work included installation of 2 recycled (plastic) trail bridges, removal of 2 bridges, obliteration of old trail, and new trail construction. Park users will be hiking only.

Town of Cave Creek, AZ

• Spur Cross Trail – Phase I: 1 mile of new construction trail inside a narrow road right-of-way alongside a busy road. Trail use will be equestrian along with hiking and mountain biking.
• Spur Cross Trail – Phase II: 1.4 miles new construction also in a road right-of-way for use by equestrians, hikers and mountain bikers.

Town of Fountain Hills, AZ

• Trail work through a large housing development. NWWS was asked to analyze certain problem areas, propose appropriate solutions, and correct these problem areas.

City of Lake Oswego, OR

• Springbrook Park: Entire trail system - 2 miles (with Hawk Enterprises & Recreational Trails)
• Cooks Butte Park: New trail - 1 mile

City of Mesa, AZ

• Hawes Loop Trail: New construction - 1 mile. Our "invisible" trail. Homeowners wanted a trail that could be used but not seen along a steep hillside directly above their properties. We developed innovative trail design solutions and made our first-ever "invisible" trail. All were surprised and pleased.

Oregon State Forestry Dept., Mill City, OR

• Butte Creek Falls: New construction - 1 mile
• High Lakes Trail: Design & layout new trail - 1.5 mile

City of Palo Alto, CA

• Arastradero Preserve: Reconstructed & new construction - 15 miles (609 acre preserve)
• Foothills Park: Reconstructed entire trail system - 20 miles (1,500 acre preserve)

City of Scottsdale, AZ

McDowell Sonoran Preserve (35,000 acre preserve):
• Bell Pass Loop: New construction - 5 miles
• Dixie Mine Trail: New construction - 1 mile
• Sunrise Trail: New construction - 4.5 miles
• Windgate Pass Trail: New construction - 5 miles

City of Troutdale, OR

• Beaver Canyon Park. Reconstructed trail - 1 mile (with Hawk Enterprises)

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2. USDA Forest Service

Ochoco National Forest – Crooked River National Grassland, OR

• Ridge Rider Trail: Reconstruction and new construction on 9 miles of trails. Work included brushing & clearing, tread repair, rock removal, creek crossings, and drainage improvements. Multi-use trail for hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian use. All US Forest Service specifications and standards had to be met.

Gallatin National Forest, MT

• Targhee Pass – Continental Divide Trail: New construction along the scenic Continental Divide between Idaho and Montana. Project included 4.5 miles of full construction, 3 trail bridges, and crossing a wetland area.
• Wapiti Trail: New trail - 4.5 miles
• Re/Cub Trail: Reconstruction & new - 4.5 miles

Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, MT

• Southfork Cottonwood Creek Trail: Reconstruction & new - 7 miles. One log stringer bridge, 300 ft of boardwalk, all materials flow in by helicopter.

Eldorado National Forest, CA

• Belix Trail: New construction - 4 miles

Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA

• Pacific Crest Trail: Reconstruction - 29.4 miles
• Ironcreek Campground Trail: ADA trail of 0.5 mile
• Wapiti Cross Country Ski Trail: Nordic ski trail - 10.5 miles

Mount Hood National Forest, OR

• Lewitt Meadow Trail (Pacific Crest Trail): Reconstruction & wetland crossings - 4.5 miles
• Eagle Creek Trail: New construction - 0.5 mile
• Mirror Lake Trail: Reconstruction & boardwalk - 3.5 miles
• Timothy Lake Trail: Reconstruction around lake to ADA standards - 4.5 miles
• Miller Trail: New construction - 0.75 mile
• Bald Mountain Trail, Phase I (Pacific Crest Trail): Reconstruction - 4.5 miles
• Bald Mountain Trail, Phase II (Pacific Crest Trail): Reconstruction - 4 miles

Nez Perce National Forest, ID

• Marble Point Trail: Reconstruction & bridges - 5 miles

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3. Private Landowners

Cedar Sinai Park, Portland, OR

• Cost analysis for a 0.5 mile ADA trail system

Hopkins Memorial Tree Farm, Oregon City, OR

• Design, layout, and construction - 3 miles

Pease Trail, West Linn, OR

• Wildlife nature viewing trail - 0.25 mile

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4. Consulting & Feasibility Studies

Foothills Preserve, CA

• NWWS was asked to design, perform cost analysis, and install 10 pressure-treated trail bridges. We have a 4-year maintenance agreement with the Preserve.

Arastradero Preserve, CA

• NWWS was asked to examine the entire Arastradero Preserve, look for problem areas, propose solutions, and make appropriate repairs. We have a 4-year maintenance agreement with the preserve.

Town of Fountain Hills, AZ

• NWWS was hired to do 3 "feasibility studies" seeking to gain access to the town's Open Space Preserve. Study #1 was to see if a trail could be designed and constructed, following a plotted road system traveling through a housing development. Study #2 was to see if access could be obtained to the same Open Space Preserve (different boundary) by going across an extremely steep hillside with very deep wash crossings. The access also had homeowner and environmental issues. Study #3 was to find the costs needed to construct each of the two trail systems.

Rossman & Graham Associates, AZ

• Find problems and suggest repairs for a damaged trail in Sierra Foothills, a housing development.

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5. Training

Trained over 150 people in trail building techniques over many years

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