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We're professional, conscientious, capable, flexible, and willing to be your present and future partner in trail design, construction and maintenance:.

Why work with NWWS instead of a local landscaping company?

Unlike local landscape companies, NWWS specializes in narrow, naturalistic trails. We're just as comfortable hanging on the side of a steep, tree-covered, rocky mountainside as we are in making a cart path on a golf course or a hike-bike trail in a subdivision.

And unlike most local landscapers who lack understanding of the effects of water and trail use over the years, we have the specialized knowledge and equipment to design, construct, and maintain sustainable, naturalistic trails in virtually any setting for any type of use.

  1. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to successfully meet or exceed your expectations. Our clients vouch for this.
  2. In trail design, construction and maintenance, we respect your site, its aesthetics and its environmental values and issues.
  3. We perform any combination of trail design, construction, maintenance and design-build.
  4. Our experience and trail-scaled equipment enables a small crew to work efficiently with minimal to no off-trail impacts. Wherever possible, our construction and maintenance operations are so advanced that it's difficult to tell that the trail work was just completed.
  5. We work for you, but we also want to work with you to help produce the best possible outcome.
  6. We work equally well with all types of clients with all types of trail experience. For clients with little experience with trail development, we serve as a resource for education and assistance. If needed, we can even assist you in developing a trail contract for your project.
  7. We work equally well with a wide range of trail locations, types and uses. We understand the patterns and nuances of each situation and strive to optimize accordingly.
  8. We strive to optimize the visitor's experience on the trail wherever possible—in both the big picture and the details.
  9. In trail design and project optimization, we strive to propose the most appropriate solutions for your situation and expectations. Often these solutions are simple, inexpensive, low impact and low maintenance. We never try to talk you into overbuilding.
  10. We maintain contact with a rich pool of trail professionals whom we can tap as needed.
  11. We have the flexibility and range to work with all types of situations, trail projects and people as needed.
  12. Our goal is the long-term success of your project—ideally with high visitor enjoyment and low maintenance costs.