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Lisa Hamerlynck

Natural Resource Coordinator
City of Lake Oswego, OR
(503) 635-0290

Greg Betts

Superintendent, Open Spaces
City of Palo Alto, California
(650) 617-3112

Scott Hamilton

Trails Planner
City of Scottsdale, Arizona
(480) 312-7722

Bambi Muller

Trail Planner
Town of Cave Creek, AZ
(480) 488-6609

Mark Mayer

Director of Parks and Recreation
Town of Fountain Hills, AZ
(480) 816-5190

Kim Gilmer

Parks & Recreation Director
City of Lake Oswego, Oregon
(503) 636-9673

Tim Barnard

Management Support Administrator
City of Mesa, Arizona
(480) 644-3304

Ken Everett

Forester & President
Hopkins Memorial Tree Farm, Oregon
(503) 655-5524

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