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top left, Targhee Pass/Continental Divide Trail in Gallatin National Forest, MT. top right, Targhee Pass/Continental Divide Trail in Gallatin National Forest, MT.
bottom left, Targhee Pass/Continental Divide Trail in Gallatin National Forest, MT. bottom right, Targhee Pass/Continental Divide Trail in Gallatin National Forest, MT.

Targhee Pass/Continental Divide Trail immediately after construction, Gallatin National Forest, MT.

Sunrise Trail, McDowell Sonoran Preserve near City of Scottsdale, AZ

Sunrise Trail, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, City of Scottsdale, AZ

LSR Preserve in Jackson, WY.

Tight clearances are no problem for us. LSR Preserve, Jackson, WY.

LSR Preserve in Jackson, WY.

Our machine-made trail looks hand-made. LSR Preserve, Jackson, WY.

Northwest Woodland Services, Inc. began as a forestry business planting trees, building firebreaks, and performing forest management in the Pacific Northwest.

NWWS began building trails under USDA Forest Service contracts in 1985. We liked trailbuilding and so, since then, we've chosen to specialize in trail construction, maintenance and design.

Our initial trail projects were construction and maintenance projects for the US Forest Service. As our experience increased, we began working for a wider variety of clients in trail construction and maintenance. After yet more construction experience and professional development, we began offering trail design and design-build services both in-house and through partnerships with other trail professionals.

To date, we've constructed many miles and types of trails. We're currently seeking additional clients nationwide.

The Benefit of Time and Experience

Since there are no schools or formal education programs for natural surface trail design, construction and maintenance, one of the best teachers is time. We study our early trails, as well as all other trails we see, to learn their patterns: how they change with time and use, how they deal with drainage and erosion, how different soils and slopes affect trail treads, how people perceive and enjoy trails, what works and what doesn't, and much more. It's an ongoing study which has made us far more effective in designing and building sustainable, enjoyable, low-impact trails. We've learned to find unique and interesting places to bring visitors and to protect and enhance the environment while creating a sense of joy, with safety and excitement.

We've also learned how both the big picture and the details matter for trail experience and physical sustainability. The real art of trails is in forming a great trail experience, high physical sustainability, low maintenance and reasonable construction cost—all at the same time. This is what we bring to our clients.

About Dennis R. Smith

Dennis R. Smith, NWWS founder and President, earned a BS in Parks & Recreation Management from the University of Oregon.

Professional Affliliations

Professional Trailbuilders Association (PTBA). NWWS, Inc. has been a PTBA member for many years. PTBA is North America's largest private sector group of trail specialists, professional trail contractors, designers and consultants. NWWS forms partnerships and subcontracts to other PTBA members on occasion. Dennis Smith currently serves as Secretary and formerly served on the Board of Directors.

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